So you’ve had you’re A-Levels, followed by the inevitable hangover of a Results Day Party, and are now faced with the terrifyingly exciting countdown to having to leaving your family house and arriving at your new uni home – complete with foam mattress and plastic curtains.


As the weeks and days tick by you will no doubt be wondering the answer to a few things. What will my flat/housemates be like? Will I enjoy my course? What is it going to be like living away from home?


But perhaps one of the biggest questions swilling around your mind is just what will Freshers Week be like?


Although ‘Freshers Week’ has had a pretty bad rep in recent years, and in an effort to curb it’s notorious reputation has been renamed ‘Welcome Week’, it can still be as wild a week as you’re going to get. So make the most of it.


First thing you’ll notice, is that everyone is pretty friendly for the first seven days which, rather unfortunately, doesn’t last much longer after that. Get out of your house/flat and go and speak to strangers, invite them round for pre-drinks before you head out that night and if there’s anyone you quite fancy, now is your chance to make a move. It’s a scientific fact that standards are lowered in Freshers.


Another thing you might notice is, probably for the first time, you’ll be in close proximity with a bunch of people who are from completely different backgrounds to you, with completely different tastes and completely different opinions on things. Embrace it. And if the people in new house/flat mates aren’t exactly your cup of tea, don’t panic. There are thousands of people around looking for their next best friends.


One thing which new students get trapped into doing every year, is only doing the so-called ‘official university activities’. Now I’m all for moderated fun, but there are a million things to go and do that aren’t listed in your Official University Guide to Welcome Week. Ask 2nd and 3rd years where they’re going one night, it’ll be unlikely to be an official university event.


Student Republic are just one of the many people running events that week, but there are plenty of other things running that you might fancy. Canterbury isn’t blessed with a number of particularly incredible venues but head into town and there are a few clubs and bars that will be packed to the brim full of 2nd/3rd years reliving their own freshers week. Why not try SR Mondays at The Cuban, probably the hottest student night around, or go on a boozy tour of the city at the JUiCE Town Takeover on the Wednesday, or head down for some £1 Jager Bombs at the launch of Jager Rocks at The Brewery Tavern on the Thursday (Check out Freshtival)?


One thing is for sure though, you’ve only got one week and first impressions really do count so be as friendly and outgoing as you can. Speak to strangers in a bar, dance with randoms in a club and try out as many different things and places as you can! Those seven days will fly by.