Over the past 24 hours, there has been much talk about one of Canterbury’s most popular weekly events, this of course being Jager Rocks, held every Thursday at The Old Brewery Tavern. The discussion has centered around how many ‘jagerbombs’ each of our customers has each night, and if it is too many. However, much of the debate was based on wildly exaggerated and incorrect figures. Some figures were doubled, and even tripled by the tabloid press in error or in order to sensationalise the situation.

                    Customers at ‘Jager Rocks’, on average, consume less than a 1⁄3 of the recommended weekly allowance for units of alcohol.

                    One 'jagerbomb' (Red Bull + Jagermeister) has only the alcohol content of one 25ml shot of 35% ABV Jagermeister. This equals roughly one unit - not three as has been reported. On the night in question, Jager Rocks had around 800 customers throughout the night and sold around 2500 ‘jagerbombs’ - not 5000 as widely reported and tweeted in error by the venue. This means an average of under 4 Jagerbombs per person, so they consumed around 4 units of alcohol per person. For comparison, this is less than 2 pints of beer and hardly newsworthy. This can be confirmed using the NHS Alcohol unit calculator.

The weekly government guidelines of 18 units for a female and 21 for a male mean that a person could attend the event twice or more in a week, and still be under the guideline number of weekly units.

                    At Jager Rocks, customers are well looked after with a record of zero instances requiring either police or medical assistance. As those who attend would know, those who are drunk are strictly not served and double shots are also not sold. No more than three jagerbombs are sold in one go, and we also employ extra security team members who are briefed to look for excessive drinking and stop it.

                    On the night in question, we sold an above average number of jagerbombs due to it being the first week back for many University students and everyone was looking forward to an enjoyable night seeing many of their friends for the first time since the Christmas break. However, on a normal night each customer averages around three jagerbombs.

                    We understand the alarm caused by the original misreporting of the true facts and figures and have been in touch with all the major news outlets, and thank those who, have made the necessary corrections to their articles.

                    We pride ourselves on how seriously we take our duty of care to our customers and with ten years of operation in Canterbury behind us, feel that our record of student care speaks for itself. We want students to enjoy their night with us and get home safely, as they have done for the past ten years.

                    If you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in touch. For more information on drinking responsibly visit www.drinkaware.co.uk.