Stereotypes appear throughout life and are a major part of your childhood and teenage years. The list is endless: emo's, goths, chavs, indie kids, popular kids, nerds, it girls, smokers…and on.

But when turning 18 stereotypes drastically change. A whole new category is sprung upon you because you can now go clubbing. In clubs the classic stereotypes are forgotten and new ones are applied (mainly down to alcohol and how your body decides to embarrass you while consuming it).

These stereotypes ladies and gentlemen are what I like to call CLUB CHARACTERS, the titles you earn while partying hard and gettin' low...which one are you?

A category that is multiplying fast. These are the guys that play every sport and know every girl with her legs out in the club. They prep to impress for hours on end before leaving the house to make sure they are in tip top pulling shape. The best of lads won't leave the house before they have done at least 50 push ups to get the guns bulging for the hunnies. Don’t forget the moisturiser of course; those arms have to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. With such hard work gone into the night, most LADS will surprisingly walk out at the end alone without a babe on their arm to show for their efforts, however they will blame it on “there was no hot girls in the club” or “done all them already"

The first rule of the IT GIRLS is that you will never see them apart, whether it's ordering a drink to having a wee, they must go together. Wearing the highest heels and shortest skirts, they are out to pull THE LADS (even if they don't admit it).

New to the club scene, HOUSE RAVERS are taking over the old stereotypes by storm, slowly working their way up the food chain. Even though everyone wants to be a HOUSE RAVER these days, there is a down side to the situation. Ravers, be it boy or girl, are always confused about the dress code. Girls will wear fancy dresses however with the latest pair of hip trainers and boys just wear anything and everything.

DAD DANCERS have never been cool and they never will be either. The DAD DANCERS are the boys and girls that think there doing really well at throwing their shapes, when really they are gaining an audience for the complete wrong reasons. True DAD DANCERS can be spontaneous making every move look different each time they are performed, however watch out, these people love a dance off! 

Clubs are full of people hooking up and meeting each other for a spoon at the end of the night. Bumpin' n Grindin' might have been the in thing back in 1994 when R Kelly released his hit single, however now it has a whole new meaning. The BUMP AND GRINDERS are the male and female duo that couldn't have waited until they got home. They are the party animals that take it a little too far on the dance floor and need to learn that moves like that should be performed behind closed doors.

Most of us know our limit, however this category does not. For your average BUCKLE AND STUMBLER even simple tasks like walking become a challenge. These are the people that you see just drop in the background of your conversations whether you are on the dance floor or walking home. BUCKLE AND know who you are.

Ever seen that one guy at the side of the dance floor admiring the babes from a far and just nodding his head to the beat while holding his drink? That's a LONE RANGER. Some LONE RANGERS come alone to enjoy the sights of the night, some come with friends. But in their heads they are just simply to cool to take part in the crazy activity we call dancing.

Seeing just orange girls is a thing of the past and now boys have decided to take part in the sport to. The UMPA LUMPAS are the people who over did it with the tanning mitt. This is becoming so popular within the next 10 years we could see the birth of a whole new race. 

The NOT SO SLY GUY is in fact, at first, a sly guy. It isn't until the next day, when the pictures are released, that your average boy falls into this category. The NOT SO SLY GUY is the boy that gets pictured looking down a girls top because he could simply not hold himself back from happens to the best of us! 

By Dan Dan Webb